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General Terms and Conditions

Use of Website

Bustickets.incalake.com makes this Website available to all users (hereinafter referred to as the "User"), subject to the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions of use.

Bustickets.incalake.com is a Peruvian company with its head office in Puno at Cajamarca 619, RUC N° 20448785778.

Purchasing products and service through the Website

The Bustickets.incalake.com Website provides the User with access to information about the products and services of third parties related to tourism and trips and, in certain cases, he or she can make reservations and buy these products and services from the corresponding Suppliers.

Notwithstanding the above, and as part of the support service to the User provided by Bustickets.incalake.com, the User authorizes Bustickets.incalake.com to act as his or her purchase representative during the process of comparison between providers and purchase of products or services from the selected supplier and to make the payment for such products and/or services in the name and on behalf of the User, as required, to ensure that the comparison between providers and the transaction between the User and selected Supplier of products or selected services is carried out correctly. In such cases, the User shall refund Bustickets.incalake.com with the sum advanced by Bustickets.incalake.com in its capacity as representative.

General and specific conditions for trips

Conditions for changing/canceling/reimbursements

Changes of dates:

If you need to make a change on date or something similar, it is your responsibility to notify Bustickets.incalake.com to find out whether it can be done, the possible penalties and the steps that must be taken.

Send an email IMMEDIATELY to bustickets@incalake.com or call the number indicated on your confirmation e-mail and wait for one of our agents to reconfirm the cancellation or change. Bustickets.incalake.com will inform you of the cost for such changes, if they are possible. We must point out that with unrestricted fares, the failure to cancel will result in "no show" status, and therefore the complete loss of your right to a refund.

You should take into consideration that if you are requesting a change in itinerary less than 36 hours before of your departure time, it may not be possible for us to arrange the requested changes or they may have a cost.

Cancellations and reimbursements:

The passenger will not be entitled to any refunds if he’s refused boarding due to:

  • Failure to present the required documents (passport, visa, immunization certificate, etc.)
  • Presenting invalid or expired travel documents
  • Failure to comply with all applicable laws
  • Any reason not caused by the agency or the bus company 

If any of the above, is not the cause of why you are requesting a reimbursement, we will proceed as follow

  • If the request for cancellation is made at least 72 hours before the departing time, we will refund 80% of what you paid. We will charge 20% of due processing documents work and some fees gateways of payment request to us.

  • If the request for cancellation is made before 48 hours before the departing time, we will refund 50% of the value of what you paid.

  • We will not refund tickets if the cancellation is made will less than 48 hours of anticipation to the departing time. 

Please send your cancellation details to this email: bustickets@incalake.com.

How do you reimburse to me?

If you pay through Paypal, we will refund the money by that way, if you pay by other method like credit cards, we will send the money through Western Union, Money Gram or similar. The charge for the wire transfer will be assumed by the client.

In case the tickets are cancelled by force major or unforeseen circumstances

In case the trip is cancelled because of a geopolitical conflict, natural disaster or any other reason that are not in our control, we will send you an email with the details, or via telephone if needed, in order to explain you the reasons of the cancellation.

If this happens, you will have the following options:

  • Change the date of your trip (if it's possible) or
  • Ask for an immediate refund.


PayPal charges a 5% of the total value you paid for a refund transaction, which is not covered by Bustickets.incalake.com. In the rest of cases the charge for the wire transfer will be assumed by the client.


Each bus company has its own rules concerning luggage. If your luggage is lost or damaged, go to the Terminal police of the city.

Modifying first and/or last names on a reservation

It is possible to change first or last names on a reservation or ticket from Bustickets.incalake.com. You just need to send us an email to bustickets@incalake.com, with the new details, the trip number and we will confirm it to you via email within 24 or 48 hours.

Checking in at the terminal

For national trips, you are required to arrive at the check-in counter a maximum of 40 minutes before the departure time for your trip. For international trips, you must check in an hour before departure time.

Amounts withheld temporarily

Financial institutions often temporarily block the amount of available credit until the final charge is made, and later reverse the temporary charge. The customer may temporarily see such duplicate charges, but one of them will automatically be reversed by the financial institution.

Amounts withheld in this manner will disappear automatically from the card statement within approximately one or two weeks.

Use of Terminal fees

Most of the Peruvian/Bolivian bus terminals asks for a minimum fee that are not included in the ticket and needs to be purchased by all customers that uses these terminals. This fee varies from $1USD to $2USD dollars per passenger.

Booking Information

Immediate booking on the website

On our site, there is no RESERVE ONLY option.

All trip reservations made on our site, bustickets.incalake.com, are understood to be immediate, confirmed purchases of bus tickets.

When you make such a purchase, you agree to the passenger names, dates and everything related to the trip.

If everything is correct, and you are paying with a credit card, the price of the ticket will be charged to your card and we will send you an email confirming your purchase.

Do not go to the terminal until you receive this second confirmation email from bustickets@incalake.com. This second email will be sent to you once we have verified that the reservation has been made correctly in the systems, and that your card has accepted the total charge.

Telephone booking

Bustickets.incalake.com will not accept booking on telephone

Availability of reservations and agreements between bus companies

The number of seats available on each trip is generally determined solely by the bus company.

Bustickets.incalake.com looks for the best seats position on all the bus companies; nevertheless, due to high season this will be so as to find the available seats.

Duplicate reservations

Bustickets.incalake.com is not liable for duplicate reservations made by the customer on our site. In any case, we will offer all possible alternatives permitted by the fare conditions.

Direct trips with un-notified service stops

In some cases, un-notified service stops can be displayed, which can occasionally involve a bus change or waiting time at a terminal or small village. If the bus enters this information in the reservation system, the agency will make it available to customers. Otherwise, it is impossible for the agency to notify customers.

Bustickets.incalake.com is not liable for un-notified stops.

Documents and Minors

Documents and health information

Each destination has its own requirements as far as entry formalities, vaccinations, etc., which can also vary depending on the passenger's nationality.

It is your responsibility to collect that information. No incidents arising from the failure to comply with such official regulations will be considered the responsibility of Bustickets.incalake.com. We therefore urge you to always verify the different formalities of the chosen destination or transit countries (if it's the case), as well as the time needed to take all of the related steps.

Without the necessary documents, you will NOT be allowed to travel. If you are not sure about the regulations applicable in each case, consult the embassies/consulates of the Peruvian/Bolivian government, or in the case you are going to travel to a different country, the embassy/consulate of this country.


For passengers who are minors, it is mandatory to travel with a national ID document (DNI) or passport, as appropriate. If minors are traveling without parents or legal guardians, a signed authorization from the parents will be required.

Important note: No one will be allowed to travel without the verification of the ID card or passport. For children will be also need to have:

  • 1 photocopy of this ID card or passport.
  • Birth certificate
  • ID card from their parents or protectors.
  • Court authorization in the case the child or teenager is traveling only with one parent. 

Travel insurance

Bustickets.incalake.com does not sell any travel insurance, as this is already included in all the Peruvian/Bolivian bus companies due to the national law.

Special services

All special services must be requested before the ticket is issued. Before making your reservation, please contact us to bustickets@incalake.com

You can send your request at least 3 days before the trip giving us your reservation number to: bustickets@incalake.com.

The bus company reserves the right to accept or refuse such services, and in some cases this may require additional costs. In certain cases, it will not be possible to accept your special requirements, if so, we will let you know.

Transporting pets in the cabin or luggage compartment

Before purchasing contact bustickets@incalake.com to see if it is possible to travel with pets.

Passengers with reduced mobility

Before purchasing contact bustickets@incalake.com to see if its possible travel if you have reduced mobility.

This category includes passengers who may require special assistance during travel due to sensory or locomotor limitations. Some examples are passengers requiring a wheelchair, passengers with impaired hearing or sight, sick passengers requiring a stretcher, and passengers who, for different reasons, require any other type of assistance during travel.

Accompanied/unaccompanied minors

Children under the age of 2 (infants, or INF) are those who have not reached their second birthday on the date of the trip (outgoing and return), and who do not occupy a seat. If they do occupy a seat, they will be treated as children between the ages of 2 and 11 years.

Pregnant women and infants

Bus transport is normally safe for a pregnant woman. However we particularly advise against bus transport during the last month of pregnancy and the first 7 days after the birth.

Before purchasing contact bustickets@incalake.com to see if it is possible to travel with pregnant women.

Conditions of contract and other important notices

Smoking is NOT permitted

Smoking is prohibited on buses and where posted at bus shelters. If you smoke, you wil have the possibility in every break the bus driver gives. Be considerate to the rest of the passengers.

Bus driver in no driving conditions

All bus companies have professional drivers that will look after your security, nevertheless there is always the possibility that the bus driver may not be healthy enough or you believe he does not have the necessary mental or physical conditions to drive the bus.

If you notice this, please inform immediately to any police officer that you will find in any terminal or bus control in the route.

Police offices and officers in the trip

Peruvian/Bolivian police are always controlling that all the trips are correct; you have the option to ask or claim for any issue to any police agent.

Peruvian/Bolivian police have offices and officers in every terminal, in all the routes where you find a control and in all the towns you will visit.

Notice on liability limitations for luggage

Liability for loss, delay or damage to luggage is limited unless a higher value has been declared as a special request, and additional charges have been paid. For most bus trips, the liability limit depends to the Bus Company and the distance of your trip. Buses normally do not accept liability for fragile, valuable or perishable items. You can request additional information from the Bus Company.



Loss or breakage: Please go to the offices of the bus company you traveled with, and if necessary to the police office that you will find the the terminal.

Hazardous articles in luggage:

For safety reasons, passenger luggage cannot contain hazardous articles such as the following:

  • Compressed gases (intensely cooled, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous) such as butane, oxygen, liquid nitrogen, or compressed air tanks.
  • Corrosive substances such as acids, alkalines, mercury and wet electrical accumulators.
  • Explosives such as ammunition, fireworks and flares.
  • Flammable liquids and solids such as fuels, matches, paints, thinners and lighters.
  • Radioactive materials, wallets or briefcases with built-in alarm systems.
  • Oxidants such as chloride of lime and peroxides.
  • Poisonous and infectious substances such as insecticides, herbicides and live viruses.
  • Other hazardous items such as magnetized, unpleasant or irritating materials.
  • Request additional information if needed. 

Notice to passengers on taxes, duties and government fees

The price of this ticket includes taxes, duties and fees applied to bus transport by government authorities. Such taxes, duties and fees represent a significant portion of the price for bus transport, and is included in the fare or detailed separately in the “Additional fees and taxes” box on the ticket. The passenger may also be required to pay bus station taxes.

Liability of Bustickets.incalake.com

The User’s acceptance of the following limitation of liability is essential so that Bustickets.incalake.com can issue and send the bus tickets. The purchase of bus tickets on this website belonging to us, implies full adherence to and acceptance of each and every general and specific condition by the customer.

We operate as a Travel Agency, meaning that we act as agents for third-party suppliers such as Bus companies or other service that we may be working. This contract is therefore between the user and the supplier.

Because the service contract is between the user and the supplier, any query or complaint regarding the product should be addressed to the supplier. We will provide you with any assistance needed, and our customer assistance department is available to answer any questions or suggestions at bustickets@incalake.com.

The User states that he or she is of legal age, and has legal capacity to purchase the services offered through the Bustickets.incalake.com website.

Policy on identification documents

All passengers must have in their possession all documents required by the Bus Company and Peruvian/Bolivian Police. Passengers are solely responsible for meeting all such requirements. Any fines or expenses resulting from the failure to comply with these requirements will be the passenger’s responsibility.

All passengers must present a valid photo identification document on all trips.

The only photo identification documents accepted are:

  • A valid passport.
  • An ID card issued by the countries of the Andean Community
  • CAN (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru), Mercosur (Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela).
  • Children under the age of 16 (including babies) traveling with an adult must present a photo identification document on trips between countries.
  • Expired photo identification documents will not be accepted on any trip. If a valid photo identification document matching the name on the reservation is not presented, it will not be possible to check in, and the price of the trip will not be refunded. 

Privacy Policy

Information on the use of provided personal data as per the protection of Personal data Law

Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act, we inform you that by hiring our products and services, we will necessarily communicate your personal data (1) to the suppliers of those products and services or tour operators that organize the travel packages chosen, who be obliged to use your data exclusively for sending information and comply with product delivery or contracted services, as well as the compliance with other provisions of the Data Protection Act.

Limitation of Liability

Bustickets.incalake.com offers this Website and does its best in respect of its updating, maintenance and functioning, but it makes no guarantees as regards technical faults, service infallibility, or that the system or portal will function at all times.

The limitation of liability of Bustickets.incalake.com is in accordance with the current applicable legislation and particularly in terms of the sectorial regulations of travel agencies. In any case, Bustickets.incalake.com assumes no liability for any damages arising directly or indirectly from the purchase of a product or service offered on its Website due to negligence on the part of the Supplier of said product or service, or some other cause not attributable to Bustickets.incalake.com.

If due to reasons of force majeure (including, but not limited to, natural, political, social, economic or unstable disorder that affects safety), there are deficiencies with reservations, confirmations and/or execution of any trips or services purchased through Bustickets.incalake.com due to unexpected circumstances that Bustickets.incalake.com cannot solve, or even if it were impossible to comply with any of the agreed provisions, Bustickets.incalake.com and/or companies from the Bustickets.incalake.com Group are exempt from any derived legal responsibilities arising from such deficiencies or non-compliance.

Law and applicable jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions, as well as any relation between Bustickets.incalake.com and the User, shall be governed by the laws of Peru. Both parties are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Lima for any litigious issue arising from the existence, content and/or interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions or from any relation between Bustickets.incalake.com and the User.

Bustickets.incalake.com reserves the right to make changes at any time on its Website as well as in these General Terms and Conditions.