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How many tickets can I buy?

The system lets you buy as many tickets as you want, nevertheless you have to be aware that the capacity of buses or trains is limited. Also, sometimes if the number of tickets to be purchased is considerable, there is the possibility that not all passengers will travel in the same bus or train.

What kind of information will I be asked for when I buy a ticket through the website?

When you purchase the system will ask some basic information that we need in order to process your reservation. Data about the buyer, including email addresses and phone numbers are required to contact our customers in case there are changes in itineraries or travel conditions. Also, data for each passenger is needed to prepare the travel logs at the bus or train company. The credit card service uses the most advanced security protocols to provide a safe experience to clients.

How can I cancel my reservation?

You need to send us your cancellation request by email to: bustickets@incalake.com, You will need to include the registration information (name, email, phone numbers and names of travelers), including the unique ticket code that were generated by our system for each ticket.

The passenger will not be entitled to any refunds if refused boarding due to:

  • Failure to present the required documents (passport, visa, immunization certificate, etc.)
  • Presenting invalid or expired travel documents
  • Failure to comply with all applicable laws
  • Any reason not caused by the agency or the bus company

If any of the above, is not the cause of why you are requesting a reimbursement, we will proceed as follow

  • If the request for cancellation is made at least 72 hours before the departing time, we will refund 85% of what you paid. We will charge 15% of due processing documents work and some fees gateways of payment request to us.
  • If the request for cancellation is made before 48 hours before the departing time, we will refund 50% of the value of what you paid.
  • We will not refund tickets if the cancellation is made will less than 48 hours of anticipation to the departing time.

Please send your cancellation details to this email: bustickets@incalake.com.

In case the tickets are cancelled by force major or unforeseen circumstances

In case the trip is cancelled because of a geopolitical conflict, natural disaster or any other reason that are not in our control, we will send you an email with the details, or via telephone if needed, in order to explain you the reasons of the cancellation.

If this happens, you will have the following options:

  • Change the date of your trip (if it's possible) or
  • Ask for an immediate refund, including fees and taxes.


PayPal charges 2$ us for a refund transaction, which is not covered by Bustickets.incalake.com.

How can I modify a reservation?

You need to send us your request with the details of your new itinerary to this email: bustickets@incalake.com. In the email you will need to include your unique ticket codes that were generated by our system.

If the request is made less than 72 hours of your departure time, it may not be possible for us to arrange the requested changes or it may have a cost (according to each bus company).

Do you refund my money in case the trip is cancelled due to a problem with the company or others?

Absolutely. If a trip is cancelled because of force majoure, then you will receive an email as soon as we receive the confirmation, or call you if you have provided us with a valid phone number at the time of purchase.

You will have the option of either changing the date of your trip or getting a refund, including taxes and fees.

By force majoure we mean social unrest, natural disasters or some internal conflict within the companies.

How is my credit card charged?

  • The service is provided by two of the most trusted online payments.
  • These companies have all security protocols and certificates to process credit card transactions online.
  • These services provide our customers the option of choosing one of 26 currencies and the ability to checkout in 15 different languages.
  • These services provide the highest security level of a hosted solution with the highest PCI protection.

How can I pay without having a PayPal account?

Very easy. When you are transferred to the PayPal website, you will have an option that says: "I do not have a PayPal account", click on it and you will have to option to enter your card details with the safest company.

If you choose Stripe as the option, you do'nt need to open any account in order to proceed with your payment.

What kind of documentation do I need when boarding the bus or train?

Your identification card or Passport (with a proper visa, if needed) and the e-ticket that was sent to your email when you bought through the website.

If you are traveling with a minor, it is mandatory to travel with a national ID document (DNI) or passport, as appropriate. If minors are traveling without parents or legal guardians, a signed authorization from the parents will be required.

You will find a more detailed information in our Terms and Conditions section.

What about my invoice? When will I get it?

The bus or train company will give your bus tickets of the trip when you do the check-in. And the electronic invoice of us, which includes the fee, will be sent to your email once the trip is made.

Both invoices are made with the information of the client details.

Can I buy tickets without being in Peru, or do I necessarily need to be there?

You do NOT need to be in Peru in order to buy a ticket, you can buy from any country around the world.

How do I get the ticket once I make the payment?

Once you have paid the ticket you will automatically receive an email from PayPal or Stripe with your payment confirmation. You will receive a second email from bustickets@incalake.com with the confirmation of your trip and a link to your electronic ticket that you need to present once you are in the terminal.

If you do not receive an email from us with the link your electronic ticket, you need to send us an email to bustickets@incalake.com, asking for your e-ticket. Sometimes our emails are sent to junk or spam folders, so it will be helpful if you can first check these folders out.

At what time should I be in the bus or train terminal for the check-in?

For national trips, you are required to be at the terminal at least 30 minutes before the time of departure, as indicated in your ticket. For international trips, you must check in an hour before departure time.

Once you are at the bus or train terminal you need to go to the bus or train company counter and check in with your printed ticket and personal documents for receiving your physical tickets.

Are there additional payments that I have to make?

In most bus terminals you will have to pay a Terminal tax (Derecho de estación – Tasa de embarque, in Spanish). This payment needs to be made in cash to the Terminal Officer, and has a cost of around 3 soles around.