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Changes of dates:

If you need to make a change on date or something similar, it is your responsibility to notify Bustickets.incalake.com to find out whether it can be done, the possible penalties and the steps that must be taken.

Send an email IMMEDIATELY to bustickets@incalake.com or call the number indicated on your confirmation e-mail and wait for one of our agents to reconfirm the cancellation or change. Bustickets.incalake.com will inform you of the cost for such changes, if they are possible. We must point out that with unrestricted fares, the failure to cancel will result in "no show" status, and therefore the complete loss of your right to a refund.

For urgent matters during weekends, including changes and cancellations, please send us an email to notify Bustickets.incalake.com of any changes you wish to make to your reservation.

You should take into consideration that if you are requesting a change in itinerary less than 36 hours before of your departure time, it may not be possible for us to arrange the requested changes or they may have a cost.

Cancellations and reimbursements:

The passenger will not be entitled to any refunds if refused boarding due to:

  • Failure to present the required documents (passport, visa, immunization certificate, etc.)
  • Presenting invalid or expired travel documents
  • Failure to comply with all applicable laws
  • Any reason not caused by the agency or the bus company

If any of the above, is not the cause of why you are requesting a reimbursement, we will proceed as follow

  • If the request for cancellation is made at least 72 hours before the departing time, we will refund 85% of what you paid. We will charge 15% of due processing documents work and some fees gateways of payment request to us.
  • If the request for cancellation is made before 48 hours before the departing time, we will refund 50% of the value of what you paid.
  • We will not refund tickets if the cancellation is made will less than 48 hours of anticipation to the departing time.

Please send your cancellation details to this email: bustickets@incalake.com.

In case the tickets are cancelled by force major or unforeseen circumstances

In case the trip is cancelled because of a geopolitical conflict, natural disaster or any other reason that are not in our control, we will send you an email with the details, or via telephone if needed, in order to explain you the reasons of the cancellation.

If this happens, you will have the following options:

  • Change the date of your trip (if it's possible) or
  • Ask for an immediate refund, including fees and taxes.

PayPal charges 2$ us for a refund transaction, which is not covered by Bustickets.incalake.com.